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Every Rainwood Consulting project starts with a Free Consultation. The consultation allows us to get acquainted with you, your company, and your policy needs. In addition We review a small sample of your policies for content clarity, organization, and accuracy, as well as compliance with common regulatory requirements. At the conclusion of this high-level review, we provide you with a report showing what you are doing well, where there are areas for improvement, and how we can help you fill in the gaps.

Every aspect of our engagement with you, including any and all information obtained through Consultation and Discovery is kept in the strictest confidence per the terms of our Consulting Services Agreement.

When you fully engage our services, we perform a thorough, in-depth analysis of your entire policy process looking at the:

  • People - Identifying all persons involved in the policy process (individuals, committees, groups, etc.), and talking with as many as reasonable to get an accurate sense of how they interact with the policy process;

Yes! I want a Free Consultation!!

We offer two levels of Assessments:

  1. A high-level review of your policy process as part of our Free Consultation; and
  2. An in-depth analysis of every aspect of your policy process as part of our Discovery process.
  • Policies - Discovering what kind of policies and procedures you have, how many, where they live, what shape they are in (are they current, in standard format, well-written, etc.);
  • Process - Reviewing your informal and formal workflows for creating, reviewing, revising, approving, retiring, and publicizing policies and procedures; and
  • Standards - Determining what the industry, regulatory, and/or accreditation standards are that impact your company policies, and what processes you have in place (or need to have in place) to make sure you have required policies and procedures.

At the end of Discovery we will go over our findings with you and lay out practical, actionable recommendations on how to meet your policy needs.