Rainwood Consulting

Specializing in Document Creation & Control

Rainwood Consulting

Assessments through:

  • Consultation (Free) - as part of our initial consultation, we perform a high-level review of your policy process to see where you are, what works, and where there are opportunities for improvement;
  • Discovery - a detailed, in-depth analysis of your entire policy process with customized recommendations for process improvement and sustainable practices for your business.


Strategies  to help you achieve your policy and procedure goals, based on:

  •  Compliance Alignment to address your company, regulatory, and accreditation requirements;
  • Policy Development Techniques to maximize employee engagement and compliance; 
  • Resource and Technology Review to determine where you can get the most benefit based on your resource and technology needs;
  • Staffing Optimization to be sure the right people have the right policy roles and responsibilities;
  • Practical and Proven Solutions to achieve your goals; and
  • Sustainable Practices for policy program coordination and management.

We partner with you to provide a range of services that help you successfully develop and manage your policies and procedures. The type and level of service depends on your needs - from strategies that you can implement yourself to hands-on assistance in developing and implementing your policies and procedures. We work with you to set up a plan that is compliant, cost effective, employee focused, and meets your company's needs.

Hands-on Assistance  with:

  • Creating, standardizing, and centralizing your policy process
  • Policy process workflows
  • Customized templates
  • Electronic policy management systems evaluation and implementation
  • Creation of Disaster Recovery processes
  • Merger and acquisition policy integration
  • Policy process change management
  • Documenting processes
  • Writing, consolidating, reviewing, revising, and retiring policy documents

Training & Education  on how to:

  • Write, review, revise, approve, and retire policies and procedures
  • Use your company's policy management system

On-going Support  to help you continue to meet your policy needs.

Our services include: