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“Amy was able to quickly see how policies would fit into our company's strategic vision and worked with leaders and subject matter experts to get our policies in shape. She understands technical information and is extraordinarily talented at turning complex ideas into policies and procedures that employees can easily understand. Amy also helped us set up a central database for our company policies so now we only have one source of truth to maintain and only one place to look  for policies.” - Tonya Erikson, Healthcare Technical Security Manager

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"I would definitely contact Amy from Rainwood Consulting for fast and effective service. She reviewed my policy in a time sensitive situation." - Janet Barajas, Lopez Tree Service (California)

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"Amy was so helpful when I decided to hire employees for my small business! As a relatively new business owner, I had no policies or procedures in place but she did all the legwork and research and created an Employee Handbook that spells out all policies and the procedures to be implemented to carry out those policies. I feel more confident now as an employer, knowing that I have guidelines in place which will help my employees understand what action is expected in specific circumstances and situations, allowing them to work more confidently. Thank you, Amy!" - Catherine Grant, Owner, Comforts At Home Pet Sitting

"I had the opportunity to observe and work with Amy for a number of years. I highly recommend her. I hired her to direct the system-wide policy office, she successfully managed and reorganized that function for the entire corporation. Because of her experience at multiple levels, she brings an unusually broad knowledge of policy matters, from the correct drafting of individual policies to the efficient organization of policy systems and personnel to the implementation of policy software."  - Stu Hennessey, Esq., Former Healthcare SVP, Legal Affairs

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